Pre-Order Policy


- Our distributors will often provide the option to pre-order particular upcoming releases and usually can provide a confirmed allocation.

- We will then provide the ability to pre-order items through our webstore based on the information received from the distributor.

- These pre-order are offered in good faith and with no indication that we will be unable to supply the items within a reasonable timeframe based on information supplied.

*Reasonable Timeframes can change at any time and we reserve the right to make amendments without notice at any time.  Sometimes a pre-order is offered with no Estimated time of Arrival.  We will do all possible to provide clarity in this instance however a reasonable timeframe may just not be available.

- Production Issues,  Logistics and other events can effect timeframes and to the point where the pre-order may be undeliverable.

- Pre-Orders can be cancelled by ourselves or on behalf of the purchaser at any time with a full refund back to the original form of payment.

- At no time does a pre-order guarantee the delivery of said item should the item not be able to be delivered.

- At all times we will endeavour to provide clarity around any pre-orders however we are not always privy to all information available.

- Until the pre-ordered item is delivered to the post office an order can be cancelled for a full refund based on the original amount paid at the time the order was made, not the current or potential market value of the item.

- Orders with a Pre-order item will not be fulfilled until all items in the order are on hand and in stock.  Please contact us should you wish to have an order part fulfilled. 

- Placing a pre-order through the Gap Games webstore automatically confirms agreement with the above pre-order Policies