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A new generation, high-speed Zoid that holds the key to victory in the war on the Dark Continent of Nyx!

A constant favorite in wishlist surveys, the Wolf Type Zoid König Wolf is finally joining the HMM Zoids lineup!
Masashi Katahira has given this Zoid a fearless new HMM look that also blends nicely with its original design.

The new design and separation of parts make it not only easy to color-code and assemble but also put into intimidating, action-packed poses.
Add the Helic Republic’s new legendary white wolf, the king of wolves, to your collection today!

  • The cockpit hatch on the head can open and close, and holds the included pilot figure.
  • The headgear allows for both forward and back movement as well as unobstructed left and right neck movement even when it’s not deployed.
  • The cables that connect the head to the chest and the chest to the waist are made of soft material.
  • The Zoid Core inside the chest is removable.
  • The back features 5mm hardpoints by default. Different armor can be attached, including customized parts sold separately.
  • The base of the Double Barreled Multi-Dischargers can be raised and the guns can be deployed on either side. They can also move up and down.
  • A 5mm connection point compatible with the separately sold Flying Base Neo is provided in the lower part of the abdomen, allowing the model to be displayed in action poses.
  • A large selection of newly created decals for emblems and caution marks are included, so users can fine-tune the look of their Zoid!
  • Scale: 1/72
  • Product Size: Total length 290mm
  • Specification: Plastic Model
  • Parts: 201~400
  • Material: PS・PE・ABS・PVC (Phthalate-free)・Synthetic Rubber
  • Design: Raichokobo
  • Dimensions:  40 x 33 x 11 cm