Cyberpunk RED RPG: Danger Gal Dossier


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What’s Danger Gal Dossier?
The next book in the Cyberpunk RED line, Danger Gal Dossier is a faction and NPC guide, offering new details on seventeen different factions in Night City and sharing biographies and stat blocks for over a hundred NPCs you can plug into your campaign. Plus, you’ll also get guidelines for making your own NPCs at levels from Mook to Boss (including their Hardened variants) and a new mission placing an Edgerunner Crew between Danger Gal and… well… that would be spoiling and some of you might end up playing the job.

The Factions and the Writers
Besides the core Cyberpunk RED team at R. Talsorian Games, a number of skilled and storied writers worked on Danger Gal Dossier with us, helping flesh out the factions and their members. Here’s the writers, in alphabetical order, and what factions they worked on for this book.