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GF9 Plasticard Variety Pack 9 Pieces


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Plasticard, or Sheet Styrene, is an amazingly versatile material for modeling and converting. The sheets cut easily with a hobby knife and work with both CA glue (GF9 Hobby Glue) and polystyrene glue. The Gale Force Nine Variety Pack contains nine 5 ¼” X 9 ¼” sheets in the most useful thicknesses for your hobby needs. This package contains:

THREE - .010” Thickness Sheets: Perfect for seals, parchment, and fine detailing.
THREE - .015” Thickness Sheets: Great for banners, flags, and miniatures details
TWO - .030” Thickness Sheets: Ideal for detailing vehicle models and terrain.
ONE - .060” Thickness Sheet: Awesome for armor plates, decking, and walls.