GodHand SPN-120 Ultimate Nipper 5.0

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IMPORTANT NOTE:  These are not general purpose nippers.  They are designed for use as finishing nippers acting as a guillotine to provide a neat finish.  They will break if used for cutting through thick plastic or resin.  This will void the warranty as is contrary to design purposes.

A legend within the international modelling community, the GodHand GH-SPN-120 focusses on achieving the most efficient, cleanest possible part removal from plastic kit sprues or runners. If you build a lot of kits, or you're a modeller dealing with exhaustive numbers of tiny, easily damaged plastic parts, such as individual tank track links, you'll truly appreciate the precision of cut and the smoothness of operation provided by the Ultimate Nipper. It is the benchmark against which all other plastic nippers are compared!

Due to the sharpness of the GH-SPN-120 cutting blade, you can obtain a smooth surface with little to no plastic whitening or gouging and with a minimum of scraping, sanding and polishing. This greatly improves kit construction efficiency, allowing you to speed through assembly steps without those often frustrating hours of sprue gate removal and clean up. The neat cut provided by the GH-SPN-120 Ultimate Nipper is also perfect for those whom do not wish to paint their model, a feature highly desirable to snap-fit model builders in particular.

Suitable for plastics only, these nippers can be used on PS, PP, ABS and PE resins to 3mm, with transparent/translucent PS resin being limited a maximum of 1mm.


* Arguably the most precise, smoothest plastic kit sprue gate cutter available.
* Material: Special tool steel (manufactured by Kobe Steel Works).
* Total length: Approx 120mm.
* Weight: Approx 60g.
* Blade hardness: HRC 58 or more.
* Single-edged specification.
* Soft grip.
* Original nipper cap included.
* Made in Japan.

Double Edged v. Single Edged Nippers?

While both designs will easily remove parts from plastic kit runners or sprues - there is a fundamental difference in the user operation of each type. Double edged nippers work in the same way as side cutters or diagonal pliers, similarly to scissors they have a pair of blades which are brought together evenly to make the cut.

Single edged nippers differ from traditional side cutters in that they operate more like a guillotine than a pair of scissors. The sprue gate is placed against the lower "anvil" nipper blade and the upper "cutting" blade is brought downwards to provide the shearing action. This avoids pinching, common with double edged nippers, reducing plastic stress causing undesirable side effects such as whitening and providing the cleanest possible part removal.


"Since I bought my God Hand, Ive used it to build: an HG Rozen Zulu, a Beargguy Family (the hot pink edition I picked up in Akihabara), and a bunch of Petit Beargguys in various colors (Im assembling a Bearggarmy). And after all that I can say, if youll pardon the pun, that using the God Hand nippers has cut my building time in half!" - www.gunpla101.com

"Back to the GodHand - the edges are different from each other. Upon a little research, it seems that this nipper is revered for its godliness of cutting nubs clean off the gates, flush cut, saving time, and impressing girls. Time will if the nipper will live up to the last one. Ive actually used this nipper with the HG Pandagguy and the HG Destiny so far. This thing SLICES the plastic. Not pinch. Not crush. Slice. Shear. You wouldnt realize the difference until you try, feel, and see it in person. The best indicator is the relative lack of stress marks left behind almost as if Ive already used a knife to shave off the nub." - fudoushin.wordpress.com

"Ultimate Nipper = totally worth the price because it leaves a pretty clean surface, doesnt damage the plastic and makes sanding nip marks off effortless. The bottom line = GET IT!!!!" - www.kenzbuilds.com

Tips & Safety:

- For safety, always wear protective glasses, gloves and other protective gear.
- Cuttings may become projectiles. Use away from fragile objects & other people.
- Keep out of reach of children.
- Apply oil to the metal shaft & cutting edge to prevent rust.
- Do not twist nipper while cutting, this may break the blades.
- Do not cut plastic longer than the nipper blades, this may break them.
- Do not use cutting tool to pry other objects.
- Do not touch the cutting edge directly with your fingers, use a brush.
- Do not use on plastic over cutting capacity.
- Do not cut metal, including wire.