Kimera Kolors Signature Set: F. Russo - Dark Side of Paint


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Product description
"In collaboration with the best artists, we have created this new line that represents the history, way of painting and pictorial philosophy of these great characters, combining their talent with the power of our pigments."

Signature blend - The Dark Side of the Paint consists of 6 paints selected by Fabrizio Russo and instructions written by him.

Kimera Kolors are acrylic paints with a high pigment content from 30% to 50%, they are characterized by a creamy consistency and a matte finish.

Each color has only one and flawless pigment of the highest quality, not mixed with other pigments or white. This is to achieve strong colors that will not turn gray when blended with others.
Some colors are more transparent than others. For example, magenta, orange, cold and warm yellows, and phthalo are more transparent, but very strong and saturated. If you want to increase opacity, you can add some white or black to the mixture without worrying about getting oversaturated colors. A very large amount of pigment will make your color very strong and opaque. If you use the glazing technique, you can dilute them much more than you are used to.

The paints are matte, but a satin medium can be used for a different finish. The medium in the set is the same one used to create the colors from the set and will not change their hue or saturation when added. This will help you get better skin tones or other satin materials and make it easier to blend. The consistency is creamy for better adherence to the brush and for smoother transitions when wet blended directly on the figure.

Each dropper container contains 30ml of color (double or even triple the amount you usually have in other brands), a stainless steel mixing ball already inside, and has a screw cap designed to avoid clogging and drying out of colors.

We also know how important it is for a painter to use different color brands for different reasons. We encourage you to do so! Just try adding Kimera Kolors to the mix to make them stronger.

Set contains:

Deep Rusto
Viridian Grim
Poison Green
Dark Honey
Bone Khaki