Kings of War Twilight Kin Ambush Starter


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The Twilight Kin have developed a culture and mindset that has diverged drastically from the other elven kindreds.

Though they share a common history, the Twilight Kin have deliberately cast aside the morality and compassion that endowed Elvenholme with much of its grandeur at the height of the kingdom’s power. In their ruthless drive to restore the glories of the past, the Twilight Kin have shed the very essence of that past.

Contents: 16x Hard Plastic Corsair Voidwalkers/Fleetwardens, 3x Hard Plastic Impalers, 2x MDF 100x40mm Bases, 1x MDF 150x50mm Base, 1x Kings of War Ambush Rulebook, 1x Twilight Kin Ambush Guide