Kings of War Twilight Kin Army


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Dwelling in their underworld caverns for so long has brought physical changes upon the Twilight Kin. They are paler than other elves, their skin taking on a sickly, almost pasty cast. The beauty of their countenances is clouded by a cruelty that has become almost innate to them. The Voidwalkers and those who commune with entities from the Void, have peculiar eyes that convey a terrible intensity that is unnerving to look upon.

Contents: 16x Hard Plastic Corsair Voidwalkers/Fleetwardens, 6x Hard Plastic Impalers, 10x Hard Plastic Voidtouched Mutants/Weavers, 1x Resin Void Captain, 2x MDF 100x40mm Bases, 2x MDF 150x50mm Bases, 1x MDF 125x50mm Base, 1x Hard Plastic 25mm Square Base, 1x Twilight Kin Guide, 1x Twilight Kin Rules Booklet