KROMLECH Orc Mech-Boss in Kustom Mecha-Armour (1)


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This set contains massive Orc Mech-Boss clad in Kustom Mecha-Armour.
We can say with proud that it is most detailed Kromlech model to date with a lot of parts (25!) and three equipment variants to choose from. See below for more details and 360° view.

Master model by Mateusz "Matus" Gajos & Artur Sek.

Inside the package you find one model that can be build as either:
 - generic Kustom Mecha-Armour with Crusher and Plasma Blaster
 - Kustom Mecha-Armour with built in Force Field Projector to protect Mech-Boss and nearby troops from incoming fire
 - Kustom Mecha-Armour with Sparkk Energy Cannon for increased firepower.

With a little work and smart use of magnets you can field all three variants - just do not glue Spark Energy Cannon, Force Field Projector or ordinary backpack to the torso. This way all above parts may be swapped between battles.

Here's full list of parts included in this set:
scenic base, two legs, hip, two knee guards, right leg pipe, torso, ordinary backpack, trophy pole or alternative periscope/targeter, right arm, right arm cable, right CCW (Crusher or Buzzsaw), left arm with Plasma Blaster, two heads (one enclosed and one bare), four parts Sparkk Energy Cannon, two parts Force Field Projector, rear cables.

Our products are intended for experienced modellers and may require trimming, bending and fitting.
All parts are cast from highest quality resin. Supplied unpainted. May require assembly.
We recommend washing all parts before assembly (tap water with mild detergent).