KROMLECH Orc Tank Hunters Team (5)


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This set contains five fearless orc tank hunters armed in variety of anti-tank weapons including Panzerfaust launchers, Panzerschrecks and grenades.

Our tank hunters are multi-part models that consist of 6-7 parts each. You can glue them in many different poses and with different weapons to achieve unique look of the squad.

Inside the box you'll find:

five greatcoat bodies,

five heads in gasmasks,

five backpacks with a lot of ammo, missiles, grenades and panzerfausts,

enough missile sprues for all panzerfausts in the team (four different warheads),

five shoulder pads to make your Orc Tank Hunters even more imposing on the battlefield,

five pairs of arms.

Some of the arms are paired (like the ones holding panzerfaust in shooting position). Other can be glued as desired (ie. right with panzerfaust lying on the shoulder and left with grenade or right with pistol and left with grenade). There are four different left arms with various grenades and anti tank mines, two right arms with pistols, one right arm with Panzerfaust in shooting position and one right arm with Panzerfaust lying on the shoulder. We randomly choose enough parts to complete team.

Our products are intended for experienced modellers and may require trimming, bending and fitting.
All parts are cast from highest quality resin. Supplied unpainted. May require assembly.
We recommend washing all parts before assembly (tap water with mild detergent).