LPG Essentials Airbrush Starter Kit


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Upgrade your miniature gaming and hobby projects with our all-in-one Airbrush Kit – designed for precision, power, and convenience in the gaming world.

Key Features:

  • Easy Setup: Connect effortlessly with included tubes and connectors for quick and hassle-free assembly.
  • Detailed Precision: The compact compressor ensures a consistent flow for intricate miniature work.
  • Miniature Mastery: Utilize the starter-grade airbrush for fine details and solid paint application.
  • Maintenance Made Simple: Keep your tools in top condition with the provided cleaning kit.
  • Thanks for the Tank: Small tank keeps the noise down to a minimum.

What's Included:

Precision Miniature Compressor
Starter Grade Airbrush
Adjustable Pressure Regulator
Air Hose and Connectors
Cleaning Kit with Brushes

Twin Cylinder Air Compressor

Model LPG ES7002
Motor: 1/5 HO
Rated power Input: 220-240 V -50 hz 0.7-1.2A
Airflow: 23 LPM. 0.81 CFM
Speed: 1450 RPM
Tank: 3.0L
Automatic Stop System

LPG Starter Air Brush

Model LPG ES7502
Feed Type: Gravity
Needle Size: 0.3mm
Cup Capacity:7CC
Working Pressure: 15-50 PSI
Trigger: Dual-Action