Milliput Superfine White 2 Part Putty


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A fine grained 2 part epoxy putty for modeling and sculpting. Milliput is a two-part, cold setting, non shrinking epoxy putty sold in cartons containing 113.4gm (one 56.7gm stick of each part). It can be used for repairs on many types of materials including metals, plastics, masonry, wood, glass and ceramics and can be used in places where welding is impractical. A high quality plastic model tool and accessory, designed to assist in detailing and construction.

-2 part epoxy putty
-Long shelf life
-Self hardening putty
-Non shrinking
-Tough and durable
-Sets underwater
-Electrically insulating
-Water, heat and chemical resistant
-Highly adhesive to most materials
-Moulds like putty - sets like rock
-For intermediate to advanced skill modellers