Perry Miniatures - Plastic British Napoleonic Light Dragoons 1808-1815


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28mm hard plastic

The figures in the box cover all the regiments of the British Light Dragoons from 1808-15. The early Peninsula War uniforms (consisting of the dolman and classic Tarleton) as well as the late Peninsula War/ Waterloo campaign uniform (consisting of the ‘French style’ shako and coat) are included in the box. The bodies are split at the waist and both overalled legs and breeches/booted legs are provided for all. These are a particularly animated set of cavalry, due to the split bodies and separate arms and heads. Heads with helmets tropical climates are also included. With a small addition of a queue (either painted or modeled) the figures in this box can be dated back to 1800.

This set will contain 14 Light Dragoons in both Peninsula War and Waterloo Campaign uniforms as well as a a full painting guide/service record of all the regiments.

Box contains . 14 mounted figures . Unit bases . Painting guide