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Planegea Standard Edition at a Glance

Slay monstrous creatures, navigate clan intrigues, explore ancient ruins, craft enchanted weapons, infiltrate evil cults, battle, build, cast, carouse... everything you love in 5th Edition in a Stone Age World.

New features for player characters, including new sub-classes, new kinships, new spells, new adventuring gear, and new magic items.

A massive, high-quality, full-color hardcover book with over 350 pages of prehistoric goodness!

The Star-Shaman's Song

I will sing to you of bear gods and lion gods and ape gods, of wandering clans trying to stay ahead of the winter, of the doorways into dreams that offer salvation or despair, depending on the whim of the elves on the other side. I will sing to you of kraken cults, of woolly unicorns, of oozes and constructs, of the King of Death himself, in whose halls I have shined my light — the only glow in that infinite darkness.

If you're ready to listen, I'm ready to sing. Let me gather my drum and my string. Are you ready?

Then hear me, and know that I am the Star-Shaman and my song is the song of the land of Planegea …

The first, and wildest, of all worlds!

A World of Bone & Fire: Planegea

Planegea is primal fantasy roleplaying. Whatever you want to explore in 5E—slaying monstrous creatures, navigating political intrigue, exploring ancient ruins, crafting enchanted weapons, infiltrating evil cults, battling, building, casting, carousing—it’s all here. Planegea rises out of our earliest ancestral memory, a world we can barely recognize, which holds all the adventure we can imagine. You won’t find limitations on class or kinship here; rather, the world is filled with ideas and inspiration for running a long and glorious game set before written words, hammered ore, and plowed fields.

Drawn from the traditions of sword & sorcery pulp adventures, infused with the blood-pounding thrills of the Fury Road, and caught in the jaws of primordial dreams, Planegea has adventures for everyone who ever felt the cold wind raise a chill of hunt and hope on their raw skin.

Nothing is as you expect in Planegea. Elves are shimmering dream-walkers, dwarves are half stone, humans are beast-tamers, halflings are silent stalkers, gnomes are filthy scavengers, and dragonborn are just a heartbeat away from their draconic ancestors.

There are no great, universal gods—only a patchwork quilt of local deities, often appearing in the shapes you least expect, with powers that are bought with offerings and strange favors.

In Planegea, the planes of existence have not yet separated, and a warrior can travel by foot from the Sea of Stars to the infinite, volcanic peak of Blood Mountain; but along the way, that warrior must battle everything from cold alien intelligences to the genie caravans; from the four empires of the giants to the monsters that hunt the howling  peaks and roaring oceans that ring the Great Valley; from the cold, bony fingers of the Nightmare World to the terrifying jaws of the jungle known by as the Venom Abyss. Every step of the journey is plagued with danger and death.

What's in the Book?


Clanfire & Wilderness, introducing you to the unexpected truths and exciting realities of life in Planegea.

Kinships, revealing the primordial form of familiar faces like the gnomes and godmarked (tieflings), plus four all-new kinships including starlings and saurians!

Classes, including all-new sub-classes.

Backgrounds, twenty primeval 5E backgrounds for customizing your Planegea characters.

Equipment & Trade, including a comprehensive guide for how to adapt any treasure to the Stone Age.

Spells, with dozens of new options for spellcasters!


Planegea Adventures, including wilderness tools, clan tools, and adventure environments for your Stone Age campaigns.

The Primal World, a comprehensive gazetteer detailing everything from Blood Mountain to the World-Fangs; from the Great Valley to the Giant Kingdoms; from Nod to the Kingdom of the Dead.

Factions & Threats, with dozens of enemies and allies for the PCs to encounter in their journeys.

Treasures, including amazing new magic items like the enigmatic basin of dreaming and terrifying apparatus of the mammoth.

Gods & Monsters, including dozens of new monsters and rules for creating your own primal gods!