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Star Wars RPG Age of Rebellion Core Book


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The heart and soul of Age of Rebellion is the 464-page Core Rulebook. It includes everything players and GMs need to start their Star Wars roleplaying campaign:

  • An introduction to roleplaying in the¬†Star Wars¬†universe
  • Concise rules for character generation and advancement
  • Clear descriptions of the game‚Äôs skills and talents
  • Convenient charts of weapons, gear, devices, starships, and vehicles
  • Rules for conflict, combat, and Force Sensitive Emergents in an¬†Age of Rebellion¬†campaign
  • Extensive background information on the¬†Star Wars¬†universe, including a history of the Rebel Alliance and its tactics, as well as pertinent information on the powerful Empire
  • A wealth of advice for GMs on how to create and run an¬†Age of Rebellion¬†campaign
  • A complete, introductory adventure to launch players into action!