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In StokerVerse Roleplaying Game, you play all manner of person, from many different walks of life. You might be an assistant vampire hunter, local bobby, a member of the gentry, clergy, or a medical professional. You might be a commoner who has seen too much or a psychic who sees too far...the choice is yours. Your rag-tag band of investigators must work together to uncover the true evils of the world, and using your skills, status, or secrets, thwart the agents of darkness from succeeding at their vile plan.

It is not all about Dracula himself, the StokerVerse drinks deep from contemporary literature, superstition and horror of the Victorian age. You might for example meet Dracula's 4th wife (taken from Bram Stoker's extensive notes written during his preparation for the novel and to date only seen by the Stoker family), or the like of Dr. Jekyll or even Jack the Ripper. The GM may look to take the adventure into the maddening world of the insane or into the gothic catacombs of many of London's cemeteries. You could experience a Victoria public house or gentleman's club, partake in the earliest medical procedures, dabble with the power of electricity or delve into the mystic world.

The book is designed as a toolbox to allow the GM to create their own campaigns or one-shots, including detailed multipage campaign arcs, campaign seeds, mini-missions, NPCs, weapons, detailed locations, and enemy characters. You have the option to play either pre-generated characters or to create your own—tailored to your preferences, weapon choices, and role within your team.

The StokerVerse RPG book:

  • 216 pages of background, art, stats, and rules.
    • Non-player characters (NPCs), many of which will be familiar to readers of 19th-century literature, albeit with a StokerVerse twist (including the likes of van Helsing, Jack the Ripper, Frankenstein's Monster, and Miss Habersham, to name but a few).
    • A number of playable characters, including Harker, Mina, and Seagrove.
    • The story of Dracula, the powers behind his curse, and the creatures that continue his foul legacy.
    • Occult secrets, including the art of the séance and the powers of mesmerism.
    • The world of 1890s London, with all the secret lore set to inspire the Games Master (GM) to conjure up their own wicked imaginings.
    • And, of course, a bestiary groaning with vicious beasts, malevolent spirits, and demonic foes.